Personalized "Stork with Baby" Shallow Dish $35

This Personalized Ceramic Stork with Baby Shallow Dish is $35.    You can put your jewelry, rings, pacifiers or spare change in this cute little shallow "stork with baby" personalized bowl.   Bowl is personalized with your baby's name and birthdate, all hand-painted by me, Amy Stone.

If you rent my stork for 7 days you can choose between this dish or the Stork with Baby Personalized Tile.   Be sure to specify when you call to rent your stork, otherwise you will get the 5X7 tile.  You will receive your tile or shallow dish when I pick the stork up on the 7th day.    If you pay and reserve your stork early, I can have time to complete your tile or dish and deliver it with the stork on the first day instead of the 7th.

If you wish to purchase the tile or dish separately, they are $35 each.   This item must be pre-ordered if purchasing separately.   Will be ready in approximately 7-10 days.   Can be shipped if necessary, regular shipping and handling charges apply.

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Amy Stone

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