Colorful "Baby Feet" Pottery Crosses

Crosses are handmade by myself from clay and stamped with a Baby Feet Stamp.   Colorful "Baby Feet"  Cross with beaded wire scrolling.  $16    If you want ribbon instead of the beaded wire scrolling, price is $12.  These look so cute in groups of three or five as a collage on the nursery wall.

1.  Fire Engine Red Glaze "Baby Feet" Cross
2.  Tangelo Orange Glaze "Baby Feet" Cross
3.  Solar Yellow Glaze "Baby Feet" Cross
4.  Frog Green Glaze "Baby Feet" Cross
5.  Hyacinth Blue Glaze "Baby Feet" Cross
6.  Crocus Purple Glaze "Baby Feet" Cross
7.  Tea Roses Pink Glaze "Baby Feet" Cross

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