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Square, Circle or Oval Shaped Initial Jewelry

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Initial Necklaces   Oval-and-Square-Initial-Necklaces

Oval Initial Necklaces assorted    Shiny Colors Initial NecklaceOval Initial Necklaces 

Oval Initial Necklaces   Round Initial Necklaces

  Oval Initial Necklace Pendants    Colorful Initial Pendant Necklaces

Colorful Initial Necklaces 2    Initial Necklaces Mixture

Square Stamped Initial Necklaces    Square Painted Initial Necklaces

Square Initial Necklaces

Initial earrings bracelet necklace

Initial Earrings

Initial Bracelet H    Jesus Loves Me Bracelet

These Oval, Square & Circle Shaped Initial Necklaces, Earrings & Bracelets are a hot seller!   Initial necklaces are very attractive when they are a smaller length, right at the base of your neckline, around 14", or whatever your personal measurement may be.    You specify the length you desire.   The initial can be stamped or hand painted in either Harrington or Curlz Font.    (Choose your initial design on this page:    FONT DESIGNS PAGE )   If you are ordering one of these necklaces for a child, you may specify a magnetic, break-away clasp for safety.  I can also use two different kinds of beads.   Either clear or opaque glass beads.

Custom order your Initial Jewelry today!  These make GREAT Teacher Gifts!!

Initial Necklace in either Square, Circle or Oval shape with multicolored beads:  $22
Pendant only:  $16
Initial Bracelet:  $22
Initial Earrings:  $22

**I can either stamp your initial or paint it, your choice.   *The Stamps are in the Harrington Font only.   You can choose your font design here for Painted Initial: FONT DESIGNS PAGE click here 

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