Baby Name Plate Wall Decor

Savannah Name Plate    Girl's Wall Butterfly Decor

Noah's Ark Boys Wall Decor    Molly

Boy's Wall Decor    Boy's Wall Decor Name Plaque

Girl's Wall Decor Name Plaque    Girl's Name Wall Decor

Summer Name Plate    Summer Name Plate 2

Girl's Wall Decor    Aubrey Plaque

Personalized baby wall decor or door hanging.   Tell me your baby's room decor and I can make whatever you wish.  Each and every bead, plus the name plate is hand sculpted by myself from clay, glazed and fired twice.   This is a very, very time consuming process, but what a one of a kind gift.   You will not be disappointed.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.   This item takes approximately 14-20 days (usually less) after ordering.   Pricing varies on the complexity of the design and the number of character beads you decide upon.

* Rectangular Name Plate with 4 character beads and 5 round beads:  $100
(Extra character beads $20 each)

* Sculpted Name Plate (as in Anastasia and Gabriella above)
             *   6 letter name with 4 character beads and 5 round beads:  $130
             *   7 or more letter name with 6 character beads and 7 round beads: $150

* Heart-Shaped Name Plate with 4 character beads and 5 round beads:  $120

* Special Designs pricing varies according to the complexity of the design and the number of character beads you decide upon.   The two Special Designs above are "Ali" with the butterflies ($130) and "Aubrey" ($85 without beads).

Pink Separator 2

Bead Designs Below
*You are not limited to these, I can make whatever you want

Dragonfly Bead    Cat Head Bead

Dragonfly Bead & Cat Head Bead

Duck Bead   Duck Head Bead

Duck Head Bead with Hair & Duck Head Bead without Hair

Flat Duck Head Bead     Butterfly Bead

   Flat Duck Head Bead  & Yellow Monarch Butterfly Bead

Monarch Butterfly Bead   Butterfly Bead copy

Orange Butterfly Bead & Yellow Butterfly Bead

Flat Ladybug Bead      Ladybug bead

Flat Ladybug Bead & Sculpted Ladybug Bead

Flat Jesus Bead   Jesus Bead

Jesus Beads - You choose the color.   I can also personalize the bead if you wish.

heart necklaces 1

These are necklace designs that I can also make into beads.

Teddy Bear Bead   Bear Bead 2

Sculpted Bear Beads

Bear Bead     Flat Giraffe Bead

Flat Bear Bead & Giraffe Head Bead

Rabbit Bead   Rabbit Bead

Flat Rabbit Head Bead & Sculpted Rabbit Bead

Sunflower Bead     Lion Bead

Large Sunflower Bead & Flat Lion Head Bead
*The Sunflower Bead is large and will go at the top of the design and will count as 2 character beads

Ark Bead     Flat Football Bead

Noah's Ark Bead & Flat Football Bead

Flat Baseball Bead     Flat Basketball Bead

Flat Baseball Bead & Flat Basketball Bead

Football Knob Drawer Pull     Golfball Knob Drawer Pull

Sculpted Football Bead & Sculpted Golf Ball Bead

Baseball Knob Drawer Pull       Baseball Knob Drawer Pull

Sculpted Baseball Bead & Sculpted Basketball Bead

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Additional Bead Designs Below
*Below are a few of my pacifier clip designs which can also be made into beads.

Sports Pacifier Clip     Things that Move Boy's Clip

Sports Balls Beads & "Things that Move" Beads:  Dump Truck, Front End Loader, Plane, Boat or Train

Boy Pacifier Clip     Bluebird Baby Pacifier Clip

Vehicle Beads:  Police Car, Fire Engine, Helicopter, Freight Truck, Motorcycle & Bluebird, Bumblebee & Orange Butterfly Bead

Butterfly Baby Pacifier Clip     Turtle Dinosaur Baby Clip

Butterfly Hearts Beads & Turtle Beads (side view or top view) and Dinosaur Bead

Froggie Baby Pacifier Clip     Birdnest Baby Pacifier Clip

Froggy Beads & Bird Nest Beads

Horse Pacifier Clip     Cowboy Pacifier Clip

Horse Head Beads & Assorted Hat/Boot/Star Cowboy or Cowgirl Beads

Jesus Cross Pacifier Clip    Colorful Necklace Initials

Cross-shaped Jesus Bead & Colorful Initial Beads


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