Picture Gallery:  Rectangles

Basic rectangle shapes can be customized however you wish.   Choose from a simple, one or two-print design, or add options like a border, more than one color, boutique ribbon or multiple prints.   Feel free to design your own, tell me your ideas.   Many beautiful glaze and ribbon samples for you to choose.   Every design is engraved on the rear with full name, birthdate, current age and the month/year the impression was taken.   Click on pictures below for pricing and additional information.
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2-print-plaque-2-colors 2-print-impression-pink-plaque dog-paw-impression-plaque Matte-Hand-Impression 2-print-rhubarb   Blue-hand-foot-impression-2   Green-hand-foot-impression-2  Reed-Lilly    Our-Babies-3-hands-impression   briana-ladybug

Summer-Hand-Impression-Pink   hand-foot-impression-name-plate

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